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24-hour Electrician Services Singapore. Call Now HP: 9133 3845

We are a electrical and electrician company that has over 20 years experience in professional electrical installation, maintenance and repair work.

Our expertises also include fixing electrician singapore, electrician services, 24 hour electrician singapore, electrician repair, power failure, power tripping, electrical engineering works, electrical testing, blackout, new wiring, short circuit, rewiring and electrical extension. Electrical singapore, electrical repair

All electrician work must be undertaken or carried out by a professional electrical worker. Such electrical work includes new wiring, rewiring and extensions which have to be tested before the supply is turned on. Power failure is certain, if the electrical work is not handled by a professional electrician. When consumer needs any electrical work to be done at his premises, he is advised to check that the electrician whom he intends to engage to undertake or perform the electrical work .

To ensure quality result for major projects, licensed electricians conducts comprehensive site survey and audit before commencement of electrical work to ensure adherence to authority requirement to Singapore Standard , Code of Practice for Electrical Installations. electricians designs, installs, repairs, maintains, operates, inspects and test electrical / supply installations where the operating voltage of such installation does not exceed 1000 volts and the approved load of such electrical installation does not exceed 45 kVA.

Call us 24-hour Electrician Services Singapore HP : 9133 3845. you can have a great peace of mind, knowing that electricians provide safe and professional electrical services.

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